Review: Is the NARS Ita Brush Worth $55??

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas if you celebrate, and if not, I hope you are enjoying your holidays with friends, family and food! The most important F’s, right? (especially the food. lol.)

So I received quite a bit of beauty products for Christmas gifts this year and I’m very thankful for all of them. I was able to give my NARS Ita brush a go a few times and I’ve developed some opinions! When do I not? So I thought I would do a quick review on my thoughts so far. My thoughts may change over time but as far as brushes go, I can pretty much tell what I think of them from the get go. So let’s get started!


So this is what the brush looks like, it has a nice long, thin black handle and there are short, dense bristles at the top, shaped in a rectangular shape, made easily for contouring. I’ve heard and seen so many people rave about this brush but I kept thinking in my head $55….$55…..$55….$55?…$55!! Like… that’s expensive my friends! I could buy MANY brushes with that amount of money! But I’ve recently gotten into contouring. I purchased the Anastasia Contour Kit which I review here. and I’m loving it so far, but I just couldn’t find the right brush to go along with the kit.

I was originally using the brush that came with a boxed blush from Benefit, you know their tiny tiny little brushes that are placed inside Hoola, Coralista, etc.? Well, I was using one of those until I realized it was pretty much wrecked from using it for over a year and washed several times, so I went on the hunt for the best contouring brush. I tried Elf’s Complexion Brush, an Ecotools fan brush, their Stippling brush, the Sigma Small Contour F05 brush, and I recently got my hands on the Morphe MB406 brush which was way too firm and didn’t have enough flexibility to really blend the product. I would place it under my cheekbone and I felt like that’s all it was good for.

So when had a 20% sale and I saw the NARS brush, I immediately knew that the stars were aligned and received it fro Christmas after some hinting, winking and nudging. I’ve been using it for a few applications now and I absolutely love the way it contours. I go in with the brush held horizontally to place and blend, then hold it vertically to blend even further so the application has no harsh lines. I love it so so much for that. It does what any of my previous brushes would take several minutes doing in only a few strokes. And I would used to switch from brush to brush, and I don’t have to do that anymore. It’s magnificent!

Now to the cons… this brush sheds like a freakin’ sheepdog. Like I mean SHEDS. Like that little house you use for storage. Just kidding. Not that kind of shed. But all joking aside, the shedding is a problem. I mean… I read the reviews and I heard about how bad it shed and I even thought of returning it. But the application is just so flawless I can’t bear to part with it because no other brush has given me that same quality of a contour.

Bottom line: Do I think it’s worth the $55 price tag? No, because A. It’s just a brush. No brush should be so damn expensive, but B. Because it sheds more than some of my ELF brushes that are only $3. But is it worth trying out? I do think so. If you are struggling with contouring and you want those sharp, chiseled cheekbones? This brush WILL give those to you with little to no effort, but beware… you may need a lint remover and a dog bed because you’ve just gained a furry friend.



One thought on “Review: Is the NARS Ita Brush Worth $55??

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