Eyeshadow 101 | Step-by-Step Tutorial/Tips

Hey guys! This is the third installment to the “Beginner’s series” on my blog where I go over the very basics of different makeup applications, tips and techniques! Today we are covering the basics of eyeshadow, eyeshadow application as well as a step-by-step tutorial to break down each aspect.

Let’s start with just a few basic tips and tricks to keep in mind.

  • Beginning with your eye shape is essential. Here is a chart with different eye shapes to help:


So if you have eyes that are narrow like thin almond eyes, you may want to make them appear rounder, so you would bring your crease color up around your eyes, and use lighter shades in the inner corner to brighten them. If you have round eyes, you may want to accentuate them and pull your eyeshadow up and add a winged liner to make them look elongated. If you have monolids or hooded eyes, you may have trouble finding a distinct crease or fold in your eyes, that’s where you would contour your eyes to make it look like you have a crease, by finding your orbital bone, and adding a brown shade into it will help create that illusion. You will also want to bring your shadow up almost like a winged liner would go, so your eyes don’t droop, but instead have a lifted effect.

  • Different colored shadows go well with different eye colors, and will help bring that color out even more. Here is a simple chart that may help:

Eye Color Eyeshadow Recomendations

  • For the most part, warm colored shadows will bring the eyes out more, especially if you’re going for a more defined, contoured eye look. Eyeshadow can be broken up into a few sublet categories: all over lid shadow, transition, crease color, outer V and highlight. To open up the eye, you want to add a shimmering champagne shade in the inner corner and inner half of the lid. To define your eye, you will want to add a light or dark brown (depending on your skin tone, lighter brown for fairer skin tones and darker browns for darker skin tones.) Same with your transition shade, which should be a few shades darker than your skin tone. The transition shadow should be matte and will help your shadows blend easier without any harsh lines, and will help your look transition from one shade to another and appear seamless.
  • The last part are eye brushes- it’s really important to make sure your eyeshadow is perfectly blended, and there are a few brushes that can help you achieve that look. First, I recommend the E40 from Sigma, a perfect fluffy blending brush to blend all your colors together and to add a transition shade. Next, an E25 from Sigma or the MAC 217 is essential for packing color on the lid, and any type of blending you may need to do. The tapered tip of the brush will allow you to blend like a pro without even putting in much effort. For other brushes that may come in handy, check out my Favorite Brushes post.

This soft brown smokey eye tutorial is what we will be going over today.


(follow the pictorial from the first row, left to right 1-3, and the bottom sections 4-6)

  1. To prime, I always use Mac’s Soft Ochre Paint Pot all over the lid. This ensures the longevity of the shadows all day. I also like to apply a piece of tape on the corner of the eye, following my lash line up. This step is optional, but it helps create a flawless line even if I accidentally mess up and add too much shadow.
  2. In this picture, I go in with my transition shade. Here, I use Peach Smoothie by MakeupGeek, an light orange based shade. I blend it right above my crease with a fluffy blending brush.
  3. Then, I am taking a medium brown color from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and blending it right into my crease. (If you don’t have a defined crease, push a shadow brush into your eye where your crease would be and find a bone- that is your orbital bone, where you would contour your eye and add a crease shade.
  4. Now, I am taking that brown and adding it with a darker brown, and just blending it into the crease on top of the lighter brown. I am using the MAC 217 brush. Sigma has a more affordable option, the E25. The key here is just to keep blending, and it’s okay to be messy because the tape is there to catch any fallout.
  5. In this step, I am drawing on winged liner with Stila’s Stay All Day liquid liner (comment if you want a liner tutorial!)
  6. And finally, I am curling my lashes with the Tweezerman curler and added Urban Decay Cannonball mascara so my lashes are curled all day (it’s an extremely waterproof formula) and Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye mascara on top of that.

So, that’s it! I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and that it helped some of you out! I tried to put as much thinking and experience as I have had into these posts. Let me know if you have any comments or questions for me, I reply back to everybody. Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and there are no affiliate links in this post. All products mentioned were tried and tested by me and bought with my own money. I am simply mentioning them because they’ve given me a positive experience. 🙂


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