Get the Kylie Jenner Lip: MAC Soar Lip Liner | Review, Swatches, Lipstick Combos

Hey lovelies! I’m back for yet another review! I’ve been on a MAC kick lately, I’ve just been searching for lipstick after lipstick, and this is my first lip liner from MAC- I’ve heard such great things, so I’m glad I finally got to pick this one up, especially after it’s been sold out everywhere for so long!

The lip liner got insanely popular because Instagram and Internet sensation, Kylie Jenner posted a few pictures on her Instagram over-lining her lips with a nude, brown/mauve shade, and it went completely viral. Some people loved it, some people hated it, and some people didn’t care. But either way, it spread like wildfire all over the Internet, and people began to try to find the exact shade, beauty gurus on Youtube began making tutorials on her makeup look, Jaclyn Hill created “1995”, a lipstick with Gerard Cosmetics (which I review here) and in a nutshell, sh!t hit the fan.

Some people are frustrated because her lip color is such a 90’s trend, and that’s definitely true, but in a way, I feel like she revived it. Now, I’m not a big fan of the Kardashians or any tv star for any matter, I don’t follow celebrities at all, nor do I tend to follow many trends, but this one I really did like.

People say the lipsticks she uses are Velvet Teddy, Twig, and Brave from MAC, as well as Soar and Whirl lip liners. A great dupe for MAC’s Twig is Maybelline’s Touch of Spice (review here) and a dupe for Whirl is NYX’s lip liner in “Mauve”.

I have some lip swatches that are similar to some of her favorite lipstick shades, but first let’s talk about Soar!

Here is what the packaging and pencil looks like:

IMG_3615FullSizeRender 13

I love the packaging, it’s thin and sleek, and it comes with a secure cap so that it doesn’t ruin the pencil tip, and the name is embossed on the side, with the shade color coating the tip. I always worry about wooden lip liners compared to retractible ones, because I find them to be very drying, but this one went on creamy and so smooth. It was a bit drying because it’s a matte lip liner, but not as drying as I thought.

It’s super pigmented, and the pointed tip makes it so easy to over-line your lips if that’s what you’re into, and if you just want to trace around your lips, it’s extremely easy as well. I find this color to be such a versatile shade. It looks great under so many shades. You can pair it with the same shade to make it last longer and appear cleaner, or add a punch of color to a nude lipstick or pale pink, or just wear it alone for such a beautiful brown, reddish-mauve shade.

Here is a swatch on my NW25 skin:


Here is a swatch on my lips, just the liner:


Here is Soar lip liner with MAC’s Velvet Teddy over top:


Soar with MAC’s Brave lipstick over top:


Overall, this is a definite 5/5. I love the consistency, how smooth it glides onto the lips, and the weartime is great. It stains your lips almost, and lasts until you wipe it off. It did show up a bit redder on my lips than I thought it would, but my lips have a lot of color to them as it is, so that may be why. Just something to be aware of 🙂 If you want to cancel out your lips, dab on some concealer or foundation. I think this liner is extremely versatile and can shift the shade of a lipstick just a little bit depending on what you layer under or over it.

Let me know if you’ve had your eye on this or if you have it! 🙂 Catch you guys later!
Tiffany ❤

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*Disclaimer: Not sponsored, no affiliate links. All products mentioned were bought by me with my own money, and all thoughts/opinions expressed are entirely my own. 🙂


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