Proactiv+ | In-Depth Review

Hey guys!

So recently, I was able to get my hands on the new Proactiv+ set that looks like this:


Mine came with a little spot treatment tube and two bars of soap. But I show these three products because those are the main treatments, and only ones I put to the test.

Proactiv+ claims to be the fastest, most gentle and most effective acne solution that prevents, treats breakouts and takes care of your skin. It has been awarded “America’s #1 Acne Treatment” and familiar faces have raved about their products on tv commercials and on advertisings like Adam Levine, Olivia Munn, and many more.

So it’s pretty much a three step method. That squeeze tube you see on the far left is an exfoliator/cleanser. You clean your face with this, it takes off the day’s dirt and is meant to exfoliate your face. The second one is an acne gel. You use it like a serum after the cleanser, and apply two layers (or more) on any targeted areas on the face. The last step is the moisturizer, and you apply it right after the gel.

I used this twice a day like instructed, in the morning and at night when I wake up and before I go to bed. I didn’t use any other acne treatments or medications like they said, because that would dry out my skin. I used it for about three or four weeks and I HAD to stop. At first, it was okay. My acne began to clear up after only about a week, and the redness around my nose started to fade. I was thinking, hey this is working!

But a few days after noticing that, a few pimples began to pop up. On my chin, then on my forehead, then on my cheeks.. and then around my nose area. And it wasn’t near my time of the month or anything so it wasn’t hormonal acne, which I can get sometimes. I thought it was strange, but I continued to use it, as I hear sometimes treatments like this tend to break you out before it begins to really treat your skin.

But after another week, I began to see my skin peel, and flake. The medication was burning my skin everytime I put it on, the last two steps, especially that last moisturizer, was like applying hot sauce all over my face and it burned so, so bad. It was painful putting it on and I would be cringing. It hurt!

Even then, I still persisted, knowing that this was a well-known brand, and has helped so many others with their skin issues. I even went on the Proactiv website and there were skin consultants who said you will begin to see change only after 4-6 weeks of use, and continual use. So I continued to use it, but I noticed the skin all around my chin, nose and cheeks were flaking off so terribly and it was so, so dry (the ONLY places I put the gel/moisturizer on!). I couldn’t do it anymore. I had to stop.

My skin looked ruined. I didn’t notice how terrible it was until after I applied foundation and my boyfriend looked at my face and was shocked, asking what was wrong with it. It looked like snakeskin! I didn’t even want to leave the house because it just looked so dead and dry. I could even peel some little parts of skin off my face, and when I touched it, it felt bumpy and scaly. Even when I washed my face and used makeup wipes to take off my makeup, or when I tried putting another lotion on after stopping Proactiv, my face burned, like it was on fire. Even after I stopped using the products!

After I stopped using Proactiv, I used this Esteé Lauder skincare set I got with an Intense Moist lotion, a Night Repair Serum, and a moisturizer to brighten the skin. I put it on religiously, sometimes slapping on two layers at a time throughout the day and especially at night, and slowly but surely, my skin began to heal from whatever Proactiv did to ruin it!

In a nutshell, I had a TERRIBLE experience with Proactiv+. I’m upset because I really wanted it to work! I bought into all of their commercialization and advertisements. I have read amazing reviews and clients stand by the products and call them holy grail, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anybody based on what happened to my skin.

With that said, everybody has a different experience, and everybody has a different skin type. This was terrible for me, but may actually work for you. Maybe my skin is sensitive. It never reacted like this to any other product, makeup or skincare, so I never deemed it as sensitive, but who knows. All I know is I will never let those products touch my skin again- and I’m so glad my skin is (for the most part) back to normal.

Thanks for reading my little rant and I will catch you later! 🙂

Have you or someone you know tried Proactiv+? Share your experience!


8 thoughts on “Proactiv+ | In-Depth Review

  1. I am currently helping a friend of mine get her skin back to normal after using proactive. I have never used it because I know it is too harsh. Everyone I know that has tried it has had a bad experience. There are so many root causes of acne that has simple fixes, that no one even thinks of.

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  2. Hi thanks for sharing your experience with proactiv. I am currently having a really bad pimple breakout and I could not pint point what caused this, whether hormonal imbalance, diet, super cold and dry weather?? I really don’t know. I am really concerned because I’ve NEVER EVER experienced anything like this before 😦 I have heard a lot of positive reviews about proactiv and convinced myself to try it too. I am still on my first week, I apply it day and night. I am excited really to see the results, but I noticed more and more pimples are growing mainly on my cheeks and forehead T_T just like you, I really wanted this to work and therefore I am still using it until now. My facial skin tends to be really dry and therefore I have to apply Etude House AC clinic lotion, it hydrates my skin very well at least. I just hope it will not come to the point when my skin starts peeling and burning? :/ that’s scary!! I am embarrassed to even go out of the house anymore! This is really depressing…

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    • I’m sorry to hear about that!! If you’re worried and it continues on, maybe talk to a dermatologist who can help find you the right lotions or treatments for your skin. I kept using Garnier moisture gel renew and my Estée Lauder nutritious creme and it helped heal my skin but it did take a few weeks so be patient! But if it doesn’t go away or gets worse I could talk to a dermatologist because they are super skilled in this type of stuff! I hope everything gets better!


  3. Having acne problem is really every girl’s worst nightmare. I actually have thought of visiting a dermatologist as soon as I noticed my worsening acne condition. But because it’s unbelievably expensive to consult a doctor here in Norway, especially for a foreigner like me, I decided to take the matters in my own hand. I maybe could still buy a little more time to look for products that are good for my skin and see how they work. If in case they still don’t make any improvements, then perhaps there’s no more excuse for me to go to a dermatologist :/ I’m gonna check out the products you mentioned too 🙂 thanks Tiffany! I am looking forward for a miracle too! 🙂


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