Lotus Nautral Mink Lashes | Review & Photos

Hey everybody! I am here with a super exciting and anticipated post. You may know that I don’t normally go for the false lash look, I try to make the most of my natural lashes but honestly, it gets exhausting sometimes! I have very thin, stick straight Asian lashes that don’t like to hold a curl unless I curl them, apply a lash primer, waterproof black mascara, generous coats of a lengthening mascara, curl again, and hope and pray to the makeup gods that they don’t lose their curl throughout the day. That can often times be quite a long process.

I always envied girls who would put on false lashes and just head on out the door, and I fumbled and jumbled with false lashes several several times, and it just never worked out for me! I remember when a friend was doing my makeup for prom, my lashes fell off halfway through and I stashed them in my date’s pocket because they were expensive and I didn’t want to lose them. Thankfully he was also my boyfriend so he just rolled his eyes at the situation.

But anyway, long intro to a short summary. I’ve never been great at false lashes, and my mascara routine takes ages! Enter: Lotus Lashes! Lotus Lashes is a company based in Nevada that sells luxury, natural mink lashes at their online site here. They have three different categories, light, medium and high volume depending on the intensity of the lashes. Their lashes are sterilized, hypoallergenic, made with no added chemicals or dyes and suitable for sensitive eyes as well as contact wearers. That’s perfect for me because I only wear contacts each day and my sight is bad. It’s terrible, I can’t see a thing without my contacts. But that’s a whole other story.

IMG_6171 IMG_6152

All of their lashes are $20.00 and come packaged in this adorable pink packaging with the Lotus logo at the top with a cute little bow! Inside, the lashes are sealed around to plastic indents in a little casing which you can reuse to house the lashes when you aren’t using them. On the back of the box, there are some application techniques as well as care instructions.

The first thing I noticed about the lashes were how incredible soft they were! I had only tried a few drugstore brands, so I don’t have a good experience with lashes (other than I can’t put them on), but they were so soft. They come quite long, so you can cut them to fit your unique eye shape and I snipped a bit off the ends so they fit snug on my lash line. I ordered the lash style #325, in medium volume, and according to the Lotus Lash site description, they were created longest in the center of the lash, made to model your natural lashes. They are designed with a crisscross pattern so they are thicker at the roots and taper at the tips, to give definition to the lash line. They are glamorous so you can use them for an evening out, but still natural looking enough so that you could wear them everyday if you would like. The site says you can wear the lashes up to 25 times you like, which is great for the value. And if you take really good care of them and only wear them for a few hours at a time, they may even be able to last longer!

Now, let’s get onto the real review. I LOVE these lashes. I had them on since noon and it’s 10p.m. right now and I’m not even itching to take them off, I could barely even feel them on. They don’t feel heavy or weigh down my lashes at all. I mentioned earlier I’m terrible at putting lashes on, but I just grabbed an old lash glue I had lying around, swiped a coat on, waited for it to become tacky, and placed the lashes onto my lid, center first, then I played around with the ends to fit them onto my lashes, and there was absolutely no fuss. I normally have to peel them off, put on more glue, pop them on, they won’t stay, peel them off, and the process repeats until I’m fueled with anger and ready to implode.

But with these lashes, I literally was able to slide them on with no issues, and they’ve stayed on all day without me having to adjust them either. I didn’t think I was going to love them as much as I did, seeing as I’ve always had a hate/love relationship with falsies. I hated putting them on, but I loved the way they looked on others. Now, I can finally have that too. I think the style I got was perfect for me, because I love doing a dramatic cut-crease or smokey eye on an every day basis, but I can amp it up and do a sultry look for a night out (ha, where would I even have to go?) or a fancy dinner, and the lashes would still compliment the look beautifully.

People talk about how their holy grail mascara makes their lashes look like falsies, but in my opinion, no mascara can make your lashes look like falsies. False lashes will give the look of false lashes. Because with the amount of curl and drama, a lash curler will only be able to crimp your lashes up, not give them the effortless curvature of a lash, and that is a curl that will never let you down. Literally.

All in all, I’m very impressed with these lashes, and needless to say, I will be picking up more styles. I think I may actually be a false lash convert. I remember watching a video from Nicole Guierrero on how to apply false lashes and she said never to start because you won’t ever be able to go back. I may have just gotten sucked into that world!

Here are some pictures of the lashes on me:

IMG_6537FullSizeRender 24


I paired it with a smokey cut-crease smokey look which I did a tutorial on here. I think it complimented the look nicely and really brought out my eyes. I could also see the lashes doing well with a really natural look with winged liner, or an even more dramatic look with lots of glitter and sparkles.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. I know false lashes are something the everyday person doesn’t wear because of the fuss and time, but these were so easy to pop on and stayed all day with no problems at all! At the very least, give it a try! Or keep a pair in your makeup collection to use for special occasions or if you’re feeling creative one day. 🙂

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*Disclaimer: Lotus Lash was kind enough to send me over this product for review, but this post is not sponsored, there are no affiliate links and as always and no matter what, all opinions and thoughts are purely my own!


5 thoughts on “Lotus Nautral Mink Lashes | Review & Photos

  1. They look so amazing! ❤ I love the style of them, they're so fluttery and flirty but they look so soft at the same time! It's incredible that they don't feel heavy on your lashes, that's one of the major issues I have wearing false lashes, I just get so bothered by how they feel on LOL.


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